Dear users.

Some of you may have noticed (and I know some has, because of the support tickets) that your accounts are showing weird and incorrect things.

The reason why, is that I transferred all upgrade information from the old script to the new script yesterday.
I was not able to set them to paid or pending yet, but I have programmed the script for it, but I need to run some kind of cronjob before I can do that.

I need Brenda to do that for me, and before that, I cannot correct your accounts yet.

I choose to bring the site down for a while, before we are fully ready with all accounts.
Because of the incorrect showing in pending etc. has the helpdesk been over flooding with the same questions, which I started answering,
but then I realized that there was not reason to give the same answer to everyone, when I just can post it on the site.
For now, the frontpage of the site will be down. Please come and talk with us in our forum at

Please understand and know that we aren't going anywhere. If we would why would we even brother with the script at all?

Best regards
Denni Pultz Gottfredsen
Brendas little helper